Social Media where to run and where to hide

So apparently Facebook has hit a billion ‘active users’ when will it end? The answer to that is not for a few years yet, the bubble may burst at some point when we all wake up and realise we are wasting our lifes on Facebook, or is this the way we will communicate in the future and the platform develops and moves forward.The word active user may be a bit misleading. There are those of us to live on Facebook 24/7 and those who pop by once or twice a year. This can be related to those that live in Starbucks and those that don’t and only pop in when they are caught in the rain or waiting for a train at Waterloo station.Add to that the fact that Facebook has changed its EdgeRank algorithm, they has been many complaints by page managers of a decrease in reach.

The Facebook solution to this is to use paid enhancement tools. This would be fine if budgets were not being cut and CEOs actually believed in Social Media for business growth in the same way that us Social Media advocates do.

So what next do we accept where we are with Facebook? Probably yes and probably not. Facebook has shown many times it will not bow to pressure to return to things of it’s past and it will stick with plans and features until complete fail occurs or we all accept it. The probably not approach will be to test other platforms more such as Google+, now that would make Google happy but they are the same and will find ways to make us pay for features.
Enter the world of Twitter. The simple idea platform of 140 characters is good but it can take some work to make it pay for business growth, but companies are achieving it. Its not as simple as just posting content we have to generate content that people want to engage in conversation in.
Some of us are still coming to terms with the statement ‘conversations’ in an online world.
Conversations are something that happen in real time in person, on the telephone, or perhaps Messenger, right? No comments and replies and sharing content which lead to further comments and replies is where conversation in this cyber world take place and we have to be apart of that. Monitor you interactions daily and see who is talking about you and about what. Test and track different types of content post to see what works best for you and your audiences.
The various Apps and sidekicks related to Twitter mean is it so much more than a quick comment tool and you can build a large and reliable following very quickly. 2 years ago on a conference my advice to the room for recruiting was only dabble if you have time. Since that statement my advice is use it and use it well and keep using it. At least until something better comes along.
ROI?? Well depending on why you are using social media will depend on what you term as return of investment. Is it the money, the time, the results, the brand awareness.  For most all of these are important but sometimes brand awareness is enough and this should lead to growth or interest in your company or product.
So we are where we are in business with social media we must keep pushing the boundaries and achieving success to show the people in charge that this is the way forward for advertising, growth and development of brands. It is believe me I believe in it and so do 1 billion+ others.