A shift in Social Media – our voices

In today’s society we have 3 new elements; co-creation of online content through online conversation and dialogue, searching for authenticity and the consumers now have power in their speech and actions.

The world has been changing rapidly since the late 1940s but the growth of the internet has speeded up this process dramatically.

Everyone can have a voice now with the internet. There are Blogs and webpages encouraging you to reply and respond and social networking where we spend all day telling our friends but what we are going to buy, have purchased and what or who we are seeing.

Facebook would like us to share everything and the temptation is to do that, we all want a part of this revolution.

So we have several problems as social media managers and marketeers. We want to engage our customers and clients to engage and give us live feedback but risk negative feedback for all to see! The trick is to convert that negative feedback in to a positive spin should it occur.

If your article, webpage, comments are taken and initially destroyed and all comers comment again in a negative way, at least your stats will be booming and then comes the trick, attack and respond while the attention is upon you. Don’t go all defensive but develop your strategy and look to convert the negativity to leads and positive actions.

Then of course we have to deal with senior managers who are not really sure about all this Web 2.0 stuff. The call comes, explain what is the ROI in social media, how do you mean engage in conversation online with our potential customers?

Demonstrating the powers of social media to the company top brass with there is negativity from the client base is going to be difficult, but turn it around and they will be impressed.

All very easy to state and in reality it could all take time, but worth it.


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