A day in the office at Kneller Hall

The start of term gathering of staff and trainees at the start of term church service at Kneller Hall started my Tuesday off early! Unfortunately it was a little low on numbers for the rousing harvest themed hymns due to Corps golf day competition! I can’t complain it was the first one I had made for at least 6 months. A meeting followed this planning Duke of Cambridge Day. I say planning it was a collection of ideas good and bad with no leadership from the lead. But in good Kneller Hall style it will be successful, and there is a BBQ after the parade. We are hoping to attract 300 plus attendees so hope the weather holds this week.
Then my internet PC died, no power. Supplied by the infamous Dell, customer care seems to be a swear word. It is covered by collect and return warranty and they wanted me to take it apart to see what was wrong! Any way I refused so they finally agreed to collect but not till Thursday then 10 working days turn around. Good job I have a high spec laptop with all my software packages installed so I can still work on the various Army online content. Second thoughts if I didn’t have that equipment I could have had an easy 2 weeks, but the worl would have just built up.
An evening with my kids made up for a stressful day, bowling and MacDonalds, no idea how but my daughter was awesome at bowling, well done to her.


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